We are a group of computer scientists, engineers, and artists seeking out and exploring novel concepts. We are passionate about building interesting digital systems and projects that pique our curiosity.

We are EnigmaSM.


William Saulnier is a Junior at Olin College of Engineering majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has worked at Riot Games, MUSEYAPP, and the Executive Office of the President, he's studied abroad in Japan, and in his spare time codes cool projects and skis down steep slopes.


Maxwell Huang-Hobbs is a third-year university student studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto. He and does most of the art assets and design work for EnigmaSM, and spends the bulk of his time on various projects. In his spare moments he plays banjo and
bass guitar.


Jeffrey Tao is a Junior at Columbia University, majoring in Computer Engineering. He's interested in web/application development and web standards. This past summer, he interned at Red Hat as a RHEL kernel engineering intern.


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