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Commission a standalone application, website, script, design, poster,
album art, or any other kind of creative / non-creative work.

You know you want to.

Commissioner's Agreement

By commissioning something, you are agreeing to the following:

EnigmaSM studios(henceforth referred to as EnigmaSM, EnigmaSM studios, or the studio) retains ownership and usage rights to all programs, designs, graphics, or other original generated content unless explicitly stated otherwise. Moreover, all usage of any commissioned EnigmaSM projects in any medium must be explicitly granted.

On all commissioned designs and other works, EnigmaSM studios and its constitute members retain final creative control of any product as produced by EnigmaSM studios. The Commissioner is free to modify the product beyond this point, but must consult with the members of EnigmaSM, and comply with their requests as they pertain to whether and how to credit the studio and its members before publishing the product. The members of EnigmaSM cannot, however, request to be credited with work done after work by EnigmaSM on the product is finished, excepting credit for any work done by that member outside the umbrella of EnigmaSM studios.

Unless stated otherwise, the creators of any commissioned works reserve the right to use the produced designs, software and any other commissioned works as portfolio pieces, objects on resumes, or as foundations for other projects.

The use of this, and any other EnigmaSM site comes at your own risk. Neither EnigmaSm studios or any of its members accept responsibility for any lacerations, broken bones, bludgeoning, shark attacks, loss of life, loss of money, emotional harm, psychological damage, minor loss of blood, major loss of blood, death, loss of sight, loss of good taste, change in sexuality, moderate loss of blood, or other personal injury incurred by the use of EnigmaSM products, commissioned works, or by following advice given on this or any other EnigmaSM produced product.

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