FileDump is a file-sharing site with a small twist; Users cannot decide exactly what file they want to link to or download. Instead, upon accessing the site, a user is presented with two files, of which they can download only one. The site treats these pairs as competitions, and tracks the elo rating of each file. The files with the top 10 elo are made publicly available for download.

The site itself is built in PHP, interfacing with an SQL server. All of this is running on Red Hat's OpenShift platform. Every time a person accesses the website, two unique 100-character download tickets are generated, and stored with references to one another in an SQL server. When the download page is passed a valid ticket, it and its partner are deleted, and the file is passed to the user.

The website was somewhat difficult to make, just because php is literally the devil. Excepting that, continuing to work after the project was put up on OpenShift was incredibly slow, because porting to openshift broke the site for a normal Ajax servers, and manually maintaining two separate copies was more trouble than it would have been worth, to say the least.

Though not immediately apparent, the site's design is centered around the shape of an underscore. Before the title Dgr_dr was settled on, we had been working on a hexagonal layout, but reasonably sized hexagons gave too much information about the original image.

In the future, it may be a good idea to add an accounts system so a user can track their uploaded files, giving users themselves incentives to get competitive, and so the trustworthiness of users can be tracked. Additionally, it would facilitate the addition of a comments and reporting system on files, as the trustworthiness of users could be used to automatically take down files from the site (to be reviewed by moderators). These changes would help to prevent the site from becoming little more than a breeding ground for malware.

Filedump is published under a GPLv3 Liscence You can find the git repo here, and an instance of the application hosted here