Olin Wii Sports Ladder is a website built during the Y-Hack 24 hour Hackathon. Due to the recent upswing in interest at Olin about Wii Sports, William wanted to build out a simple website where people could challenge and compare their skills to other people who played Wii Sports. Influenced by the discussions of Elo from Max's project FileDump, he decided to use one as well for determining skill instead of just Win/Loss record.

Development happened during the early morning hours of the hackathon, while Max and Jeff got some well deserved rest. Using a framework called Drywall, William was able to go ahead and create an entire user authentication system and backend with minimal time commitment (A luxury during hackathons). From there, William added in the new database structures required to authenticate users and create their Elos, and then tie them back into the matches that they played.

The website was built using Node.js and Jade, two languages which William had never used before this project, and so it was a valuable way to learn about Node.js, especially because he could directly compare it to the work he was doing in Ruby and in Flask at the time as well.

Olin Wii Sports Ladder is published under the MIT License You can find the gitrepo here and an instance of the application here